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The MRI Company

       Medical Resources Empowering the Future

Toll Free -877-346-6297

Office : (915) 779 - 6540

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The MRI Company is a company dedicated to the sales of medical supplies and DME Equipment specializing in disposable products for medical, nutritious, clean room and nuclear energy facilities. Our products are of the best quality with very competitive pricing for re-sellers and end-users as well.

Our responsibilities

Responsibility means accountability as well as forward-thinking. In an ever-changing world of health care, we stay current on relevant products and medical Supplies while keeping our costs reasonable.

Leading health and well-being for Government

Part of our goal, in keeping with our mission to serve the community, is to partner with government that we may improve the services. 


•  Our products are of high quality standards and are from manufacturers with a proven history and excellent reputation who stand behind their products. 

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